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Andreas' appearance on Swedish TV program Kontroll
Download Kontroll s03e07 featuring C64hq's own Andreas Wallström who talks about the C64, the SID-chip, SID'80s, and his C64 collection.

Back in Time Live London 2001 Promo video
This video was done by our own darling Boz and it was kindly given to us by C64 Audio. If you missed the first Back in Time Live, here's some nice footage for you! Everyone is in this video: Hubbard, Galway, Joseph, Cooksey, Daglish, Whittaker, Minter and his groupies, madfiddler, Boz, Abbott, Wally Wallstream, Lala, Press Play on Tape, Lee Bolton, Jogeir Liljedahl, Kwed, Waz, Mat Allen, Marcel Donne, The X-Mas Chortles guys, Kenz, and a lot of dancing geeks.
Download the video here!

The Challenge from Ocean Software Ltd.
When Ocean used to release a game on cassette with an additional audio cassette, they called it "Data-tune". Platoon had a tape with the game, and so did Daley Thompson's Olympic Challenge. This time it was a bit different. You will have heard Jonathan Dunn's nice title theme, right? Well, the freebie tape was a synth version of this theme, called The Challenge and sounded like they used the producers from the infamous Data Hits tape and a Yamaha DX7 or something similar. It sounds really cheesy, but does have appeal. Despite a naff voice yelling 'challenge!' every so often in a Northern English accent it does at least set the tone for the game really well. Shame it didn't inspire Daley to the gold medal, but then again what can apart from his bottles of Lucozade? The cassette was kindly supplied by Warren Pilkington and you get it here!

Commodore C64C Introductory Audio Tape
It's the year 2006, but if you still haven't found help to get your brand new Commodore 64 to work, download this introductory tape. It contains hints and tips on how to get started. It was produced in 1990 by Domark Ltd. for Commodore UK Ltd, written by John Minson and narrated by Jonathan Kidd. Warning: It's very English! ;) Download Side A / Download Side B

Copenhagen Retro Concert video bootleg
This is a bootleg video of the Copenhagen Retro Concert that took place in November 2005. It features live performances from Visa Röster, Rob Hubbard and Mark Knight, SID'80s, Press Play on Tape, and even a small bit of Jeroen Tel's set. And yes... some very gay dancing. It was filmed by Kent 'Trace' Walldén and AVI'd by Joachim 'The Sarge' Ljunggren for C64hq. Download it!

Jucke's ExperiMENTAL SIDShow
This is the recording of Jucke's ExperiMENTAL SIDShow that was aired on C64.COM:8000 on April 27th. It's a wild mix of old, new, and obscure SID's... and very entertaining. Download it!

Original Rob Hubbard recordings
These are original recordings by Rob before they became actual C64 tracks. Rob MP3'd them, sent them, and we boosted up things a bit plus removed some background noise. We are really proud to be able to give you these!

Formula One Simulator
One Man and His Droid
Phantoms of the Asteroid

This is what Rob says about them: "They were done around 1983-ish. I wrote them mainly because I was influenced by something I was listening to at the time, like Jarre or Human League. Or, I was just experimenting and trying different ideas. I used them on the games simply because I thought they would work with the game. Most of the C64 versions are much better than the original ideas – especially OMAHD and Phantoms. The tunes were done using a Korg poly synth, a Moog synth, Roland TR606 and TB303, a Casio cheap synth, and a four track tape recorder. Also a Roland Micro-Composer was used on F1. Sometimes I borrowed a synth from my friends. I had all the synths linked up with control voltages and gate triggers, some of which were home made."

Trap Audio Presentation by Ben Daglish
Ben recorded a special version of the Trap music and it was bundled with the game. We asked Ben about this special version, and this is what he told us:

"So, I'd just finished my 'mini symphony' for Trap and was feeling pretty pleased with myself. It was the first time I'd attempted a piece that length with a fair amount of thematic material. And of course, Tony (Crowther) and I had knocked up the drummer demo which is as far I can tell, one of the first pure music and animation demos on the C64.

Then, being a rather clever bugger, Tony came up with an idea to hook two C64's together using the joystick port (I may be wrong – it *was* over 25 years ago!) so that they could sync their SID chips. Heaven! I could use six whole voices! Thinking and listening back, I didn't make as full use of it as I could. I believe time got in the way as we wanted to record the thing and ship it with the game. I had about a day to re-arrange some bits, split some chords etc., and do a bit of funky-phasing.

Once finished, we simply hooked up a cassette recorder to the audio out, hit play and Tony's whole 2-SID magic did its thing. Lovely! To this day, Trap is probably the piece that, for the time, I was most proud of."

Thanks to Jason 'Kenz' Mackenzie for recording it and to Rick Hoekman (ICE-T/Black Mail) for cleaning up the sound. Download it here »

» Audio CDs

Chris Abbott at C64 Audio was the pioneer in releasing C64 remixes on CD. By now, his catalog is huge, and here you have a lot of quality music to download. Don't forget to buy the CD's if you like them. Support the scene!

READY. Vocally Too
Visa Röster

01. Delta
02. Caverns of Khafka, subtune 1
03. Formula 1 Simulator
04. Roland's Rat Race
05. Bomb Jack
06. Caverns of Khafka, subtune 3
07. Fairlight
08. Thrust
09. Thanatos
10. Song 4
11. Wizball
12. M.U.L.E.
13. Commando
14. Calm
15. Last Ninja 3
16. International Karate [Live]
17. Rambo First Blood Part 2
18. Zoids/Ancestors

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It's Binary, Baby!


01. Intro
02. Cauldron 2-005
03. Sacred Armour of Antiriad
04. I am a Database
05. Glider Rider
06. Last Ninja III
07. Sanxion
08. Lazy Jones
09. Thanatos
10. Hardware and Hubbard
11. Compilations III
12. The Corporation
13. Binary, Baby
14. Bonus: Personal Jesus
15. Bonus: Bitch
16. Bonus: Artura
17. Bonus: Madballs

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Back in Time Live DVD/CD set

Amazing live performances recorded at Brighton Centre in 2003 and St. Luke's LSO in 2004. Featuring:

Rob Hubbard
Press Play on Tape
Visa Röster
The C64 Mafia
SID'80s (Ben Daglish, Reyn Ouwehand, Jon Hare, Marcel Donné, Mark Knight, Andreas Wallström)

This package consists of DVD1 (St. Luke's concert), DVD2 (Rob Hubbard live at the Brighton Centre), and an audio CD of the best tracks from both. It's a must-have for any fans of C64 music and for any one that attended the shows that's been recorded.

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Commodore Grooves
Anders Carlsson aka Goto80

01. Tänk om
02. Bongoloid
03. Raymond
04. Ajvar Relish
05. Fantasy [Lyrics]
06. Break3a
07. Ull8
08. Spit [Lyrics]
09. Slobban
10. Gopho
11. Cracker's Delight
12. Ghosts and Goblins

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*** Commodore 64 *** Vocally
Visa Röster

01. International Karate
02. Human Race, subtune 4
03. Think Cross
04. Mermaid Madness
05. Shamus Case II
06. Black Lamp, subtune 3
07. Think Twice III
08. Armageddon Man
09. Sweet
10. Comic Bakery
11. Task III
12. Breakdance
13. Spy vs Spy [Live]

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Marcel Donné

01. Sidologie [Intro]
02. Rambo [Loader]
03. Lightforce
04. Bombo
05. Cobra
06. Yie Ar Kung-Fu 2
07. Knucklebusters
08. Wizball [High score]
09. Miami Vice [In-game]
10. Nemesis the Warlock
11. Rambo [High score]

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Galway Remixed

01. Parallax
02. Comic Bakert [Title]
03. Yie-Ar Kung Fu 2
04. Athena
05. Arkanoid
06. Insects in Space [Title]
07. Parallax [In-game]
08. Miami Vice [In-game]
09. Rambo [High score]
10. Wizball
11. Wizball [In-game]

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Nexus 6581-II

01. Bombo
02. Thanatos
03. Pimple Squeezer
04. Tiger Mission


Back in Time 3
Slow Poison, Rob Hubbard, Tonka, etc.

01. Agent X 2
02. WAR
03. Ancestors Planet Flyby
04. Shadowfire
05. Armalyte
06. Phantoms of the Asteroid
07. Parallax Stroll
08. Zoids Desert Battle
09. Flash Gordon
10. One Man and his Droid
11. The Last V8
12. Delta In-game
13. Trap Part 1
14. Eve of the War
15. Trap Part 2
16. Wizball High Score
17. Zoids

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Back in Time 2
Peter Connelly, Jogeir Liljedahl, Chris Abbott, Danko, etc.

01. Aztec Challenge
02. Galway is God 2000
03. Warhawk
04. Roland's Rat Race
05. Batman the Caped Crusader
06. Terra Cresta
07. Scarabaeus
08. Rydeen
09. Ghosts and Goblins
10. Helicopter Jagd
11. Forbidden Forest
12. Wizball 2000
13. Comic Bakery
14. Thalamusik
15. Driller

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Back in Time
Chris Abbott's first CD includes two tracks from Chris Hülsbeck

01. Delta 97
02. Rambo First Blood Part 2
03. Sanxion
04. Thing on a Spring
05. Parallax
06. Auf Wiedersehen Monty
07. Mutants
08. Great Giana Sisters
09. Monty on the Run 97
10. Arkanoid
11. Ocean Loader Theme
12. Wizball
13. To Be on Top
14. Comets 97
15. Delta (Victory)


» Various files

Cheezle Kane - 64 [Lyrics]
Not much is know about this Australian group. We emailed with them a while ago, and at that time, the group was about to dissolve. (Anyone that wants to get hold of their other songs, get in touch with Andreas.)

Hjalle & Heavy - Commodore 64 [Lyrics]
Punkrockers Hjalle and Heavy got famous among kids via a TV program - the rest is history as they say. They released three records in one year and they all sold gold. This song was taken from their third album Dunder and is about the years Hjalle spent in front of his C64 playing all those classic games.

K-pist - C64 [Lyrics]
This song was used in the Swedish movie Livet i 8 Bitar. It's about J whose goal is to win 100,000 dollar in a Nintendo gaming contest. He struggles with his traditional Jewish family and non-Jewish girlfriend who demand that he grow up and get a job. Real problems arise when he awakes to discover that his right hand is missing.

Commercial Breaks
This is a fascinating program about Imagine Software and Ocean Software that was aired on BBC2, December 13th at 8 PM. There's a lot of nice info in this video, lots of Ocean personalities, like Bill Barna, David Ward, and Tony Pomfret. After seeing it, you will wonder what in the world Imagine was thinking doing Bandersnatch. Mega-game my arse! ;)

» Audio interviews

Back in Time Live 2002 audio files
All in all, it was just a brilliant evening! Too short, too sweaty, but brilliant! People from Morocco, Hungary, UK, USA, Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Finland, Norway, Germany and Belgium were present at the event, and it shows how important these kind of events are.

Adam Gilmore (8,7 Mb)
This interview was done in a pub called Marquis of Granby in central London. I'd been e-mailing with Adam for a while, but I didn't know how he started out and how he came up with his best tunes. Now I do!

David Whittaker (2,2 Mb)
Once again, I had the chance to do a small catch up interview with Dave, where he among other things tell us that he's back composing again and that his current projects are Manic Miner, Jet Set Willy and Uridium for the Gameboy Advance. Niiice!

Machinae Supremacy live bootleg (9,1 Mb)
Apart from playing their version of Giana Sisters, they also played a bunch of C64 tunes they'd put together in to something they called Sidology one and three. The songs they played were Cybernoid 2, Rocky Star, Deflektor, Outrun (episode one) and Flimbo's Quest, Bubble Bobble, Arkanoid, Monty on the Run, Commando, Outrun (episode three). I just love the keyboard sound on Deflektor (check 06:56) and episode three is just one happy punksong! I don't know who the "Hello/Hello again" dork is, but I think you'll enjoy it anyways.

Pascal Roggen (3 Mb)
The interview with violin player and super lad Pascal was done in the ladies room. Why? Because it was quiet in there (the mix of music and people talking makes it quite hard to hear what people are answering).

Pascal Roggen plays Monty on the Run (613 K)
It's a bit hard to hear all the notes on the PPOT bootleg recording, so luckily I asked Pascal to play something for us before the event kicked off. It's those last fast and furious 40 seconds of the song... You have been warned!

Press Play On Tape live bootleg (28,3 Mb)
They kicked off their set with the intro from Giana Sisters, which actually was nicked from Machinae Supremacy's version of Giana Sisters. Hilarious! Giana blended into Warhawk and was followed by Aztec Challenge and Thrust with Pascal playing on both those tracks. Rambo - First Blood Part 2, Flimbo's Quest, Crazy Comets, Delta and Ghosts'n Goblins followed before the highlights: Monty on the Run, Krakout, Auf Wiedersehen Monty and Outrun.

Richard Joseph (6,6 Mb)
Meeting Richard Joseph again was a blast! The funny thing is that I always seem to catch Richard after "very many of these", as Richard once said. In this interview, we talk about games development in 2002, about why he keeps coming back to the Back in Time live events and the possibilities of performing Barbarian with a symphony orchestra at the next event!

Back in Time Live 2001 audio interviews
Oh, what a disaster! Something was wrong with the DV camera and it didn't want to record the sound properly. At this moment there's just audio versions of all interviews, but if I manage to put picture and sound together properly, you'll see these wonderful video interviews I got!

Ben Daglish and Antony Crowther (12,6 Mb)
The craziest interview I've ever done, and also the most fun one to do. They were both in a really good mood and you know, Ben is like the guy who talks all the time and entertains everyone. As a huge fan of this duo, I'd like to call this interview The Reunion of We M.U.S.I.C. Take the chance of hearing the previously unheard, unreleased and new C64 tune from Ben. It's so new it hasn't been poked into the machine code monitor yet! And it's Antony by the way, not Anthony like I say it.

David Whittaker (5,2 Mb)
"Things are great. You tell me what you want to know, cause I'm here." is what Dave says in the beginning of the interview. Initally Dave wasn't too keen on doing an interview. But, I'm not the guy the gives up that easily, and after a while of persuasion, he finally agreed.

Fred Gray (6,6 Mb)
Gray is a nice bloke and there's a lot of great answers in this interview. Like when he talks about the early years at Imagine and the tunes he did that probably no one ever have heard. I know one title that's previously unknown to most people, and that's Pedro from Imagine. Go get it in the games section!

Jeff Minter (3,9 Mb)
Done in the VIP room where all the fun action went on. It was a pretty confusing interview to do, because one of his followers were interupting all the time, showing no respect what so ever. It's all gone now because I didn't think you were willing to wait 20 seconds between the questions. What this interview will give you though, is a pretty good idea of how great and action filled the evening was (loads and loads of beer).

Richard Joseph (3,6 Mb)
Done in the room where you could buy T-shirts and CDs and also finish your meal. It was a really fast chat really, and hopefully I can do a bit more in-depth interview with Richard soon.

Rob Hubbard (7,9 Mb)
I actually did two interviews with Hubbard, but only one with audio. You know, after the first interview, I found out that there was something wrong with the DV camera and that it didn't want to record the sound properly. I thought twice about asking him to do the interview all over again, but I had no choice. This was a once in a lifetime oportunity!

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