Edge of Disgrace
© 2008 Booze Design (BD)
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  Design: HCL  
  Design: Jailbird  
  Programming: Dane  
  Programming: HCL  
  Graphics: Dane  
  Graphics: HCL  
  Graphics: Jailbird  
  Music: Dane  
  Linking: HCL  
  Loader: HCL  
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clyde: truly, truly great.

pit: wow, i hope it was a game ,but it is incredible what i have seen.w the c64

Jurbo: OMG!!! Has to be the best ever! Nothing else to say!!!

Kebab Master: Wow... Watching this has been an incredibly enjoyable experience, that I had to watch it again... Unbelievable... To see you make the c64 do all those things... Sheesh... What a dedicated, passionate bunch of people you are...

osseealex: Woah.Real-time scaling (zoom), sprite/bitmap rotation, 3D filled, light-sourced polygons.

Christian: My God, this demo gave me tears in my eyes. It is an audio-visual masterpiece. I almost could not believe that what I saw and heard came from a C64. The most impressive thing I have ever seen on the C64.

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    Edge of Disgrace
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