Party Demo 3
© 1988 Thundercats (TC)
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  Programming: Gaston  
  Programming: Mastermind  
  Programming: Sir Gawain  
  Programming: The U-Man  
  Graphics: Bob Stevenson  
  Graphics: from Platoon  
  Graphics: from Stealth  
  Graphics: from Thundercats  
  Graphics: Gaston  
  Graphics: Stephen Wahid  
  Graphics: The U-Man  
  Graphics: Various uncredited  
  Music: Chris Hülsbeck  
  Music: David Whittaker  
  Music: Gaston  
  Music: Jeroen Tel  
  Music: Johannes Bjerregaard  
  Music: Jonathan Dunn  
  Music: MC  
  Music: Rob Hubbard  
  Ripping: Mastermind  
  Ripping: Sir Gawain  
  Scrolltext: Gaston  
  Scrolltext: Mastermind  
  Scrolltext: Midnight Hacker  
  Scrolltext: Sir Gawain  
  Scrolltext: Skykid  
  Scrolltext: The U-Man  
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