Picture Show
© 1987 The Vikings (VIK)
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  Programming: Aze  
  Graphics: Andrew Sleigh  
  Graphics: Antony Crowther  
  Graphics: Bob Stevenson  
  Graphics: Font uncredited  
  Graphics: Fred  
  Graphics: from Book of the Dead  
  Graphics: from Breaker  
  Graphics: from California Games  
  Graphics: from High Frontier  
  Graphics: from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom  
  Graphics: from IQ  
  Graphics: from Jinks  
  Graphics: from Magic Bytes  
  Graphics: from Plasmatron  
  Graphics: from Rampage  
  Graphics: from Scary Monsters  
  Graphics: from Starfox  
  Graphics: from The Necris-Dome  
  Graphics: Jim Wilson  
  Graphics: Jonathan Smyth  
  Graphics: JP  
  Graphics: Mark Jones  
  Graphics: Mat Sneap  
  Graphics: Michael Grohe  
  Graphics: Nicole Baikaloff  
  Graphics: Paul Docherty  
  Graphics: Rob Jackson  
  Graphics: Sam Wade  
  Graphics: Simon Butler  
  Graphics: Steve Day  
  Graphics: Stu Jackson  
  Graphics: Torben Bakager  
  Graphics: YFZ  
  Ripping: Aze  
  Ripping: Trinity  
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