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Project manager: David Levine
Conversion: K-Byte
Design: David Levine
Design: David Riordan
Design: Garry Hare
Programming: David Levine
Add programming: Peter Langston
Add design: Charlie Kellner
Concept: David Levine
Graphics: David Levine
Add graphics: David Fox
Add graphics: Gary Winnick
Music: Russell Lieblich
Original music: Peter Langston
Help: Peter Langston
Special thanks to: George Lucas
Add copyright: Activision
Genre: Action

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Download: Ballblazer.sid

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It got the total rating of 9 points from the viewers. "Great use of early 3D-Graphics on Commodore 64! Slower than the Atari XL or Atari7800 Version!! But still a good c64 Football like Game! Music is great!" says Highchecker1999!.

Lucasfilm 1985
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