9 Princes in Amber
© 1985 Telarium
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By: Andrea Bird
By: Bill Larson
By: Dan Lovy
By: Dana Degenhardt
By: David Seuss
By: Dick Bratt
By: Erin Moran
By: Howard Boles
By: Joye Morrisseau
By: Karen Bellinger
By: Mike Amadeo
By: Mike Rothman
By: Paul Biondo
By: Rob McHugh
By: Seth Godin
By: Stephanie Lambert
By: Susan Hunnewell
By: Ted Treadwell
By: Tom Pavela
By: William J. Claff
Based on the novel by: Roger Zelazny
Genre: Text adventure

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It got the total rating of 8 points from the viewers. "The game has if you are able to find them a lot more than previously thought to actually do! Also with 40 endings, I myself was only able to complete one possible ending, almost figured out a second! Any hints, tips or clues please email me! 30,000 variations if I recall right of things to do in game!" says UnityOfGoals.

  9 Princes in Amber
Telarium 1985
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