Project Firestart
© 1988 Electronic Arts
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Design: Damon Slye
Design: Jeff Tunnell
Programming: Darek Lukaszuk
Programming: Paul Bowman
Programming: Rich Rayl
Graphics: Darek Lukaszuk
Graphics: John Burton
Music: Alan McKean
Director: Jeff Tunnell
Producer: Shelly Safir
Ass producer: Roland Kippenhan
Genre: Adventure

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It got the total rating of 9 points from the viewers. "Project Firestart is just astonishing in its design. It is actually more like an eighties sci-fi movie than a computer game :-). Earlier I thought that Half-Life and Deus Ex were the first computer games to make a game feel like a story and as immersive as a movie. But here we go, Project Firestart did it already ten years earlier ;-). There are lots of animation and special thingies all around the spaceship. The game has several different endings depending on how you play." says Ville Nurmi.

  Project Firestart
Electronic Arts 1988
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