Questprobe 1: The Hulk
© 1984 Adventure International
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By: Scott Adams
Commodore 64 version: Mak Jukic
Special thanks to: Jim Shooter
Special thanks to: Joe Calamari
Artwork: John Romita Sr.
Artwork: Kem McNair
Artwork: Mark Gruenwalk
Dedicated to: Alexis Adams
Dedicated to: CIS CBers
Dedicated to: Stan Lee
Trademark held by: Marvel Comics Group
Trademark held by: Scott Adams
Series outline: Bob Budiansky
Series outline: John Byrne
Series outline: Scott Adams
Genre: Text adventure

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It got the total rating of 6.5 points from the viewers. "A fantastic adventure. Hulk rules and this game bloody rocks! A must for every tru c64 fan!" says TWR.

  Questprobe 1: The Hulk
Adventure International 1984
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