California Games
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Created by: Candi Strecker
Created by: Matt Householder
Game design: Chuck Sommerville
Game design: Jon Leupp
Game design: Ken Nicholson
Game design: Kevin Furry
Game design: Kevin Norman
Design: Matt Householder
Programming: Chuck Sommerville
Programming: Kevin Furry
Graphics: Jenny Martin
Graphics: Paul Vernon
Graphics: Sheryl Knowles
Graphics: Suzie Greene
Music: Chris Grigg
Producer: Matt Householder
Genre: Sports

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It got the total rating of 8.5 points from the viewers. "Great game. I have enjoyed very much with this game on C64 always. It contains levels very funny as the surfing part or running with the BMX or half-pipping. It´s great. Graphically is superb this game. The graphics have a lot of use of colour and are very good. This game always will be in my heart." says CN.

  California Games
Epyx 1987
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