Rubicon and Rubicon 2 sketches
It's a pleasure to be able give you these very detailed game sketches of Rubicon and the un-released Rubicon 2. As you all know, Rubicon was released on the C64. Rubicon 2 on the other hand was planned to be released on the Amiga with a possible conversion to the C64 by some one else than original creators Fredrik Kahl (Gollum) and Joachim Ljunggren (The Sarge). Judging from these sketches, Rubicon 2 would have become a kick ass game.

"After Rubicon we decided to move over to the Amiga. We hoped that the game we just had completed would sell truckloads and that the world would demand a sequel. Well, Rubicon was not a success as far as I know but we decided to try anyway. Gamemaking was fun! For some unknown reason we stopped developing Rubicon 2 right after all the planning was done. These sketches were found when searching through old archives, and it's mostly scattered drawings of leveldesigns, weapons and vehicles.", says Joachim.

I'd love to see the guys pick up where they left off to make a Gameboy Advance title of it all. I'd buy that little hand-held right away!

All images © Copyright Joachim Ljunggren.

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Rubicon 2 detailed level sketch 2. Rubicon 2 detailed level sketch 1. Rubicon 2 weapons. Rubicon 2 vehicles 2. Rubicon 2 vehicles 1. Rubicon 2 detailed level sketch 3. Rubicon 2 level topography. Rubicon 2 control panel. Rubicon 2 various information. Rubicon 2 slum level. Rubicon 2 sewers level. Rubicon 2 water dam level. Rubicon 2 war zone level. Rubicon 2 luxurious level. Rubicon 2 mountain level. Rubicon 2 powerplant level. Rubicon 2 level order. Rubicon 2 intro sequence 2. Rubicon 2 intro sequence 1. Note from Paul of Hewson. Rubicon titlescreen. Rubicon design instructions 4. Rubicon design instructions 3. Rubicon design instructions 2. Rubicon design instructions 1. Rubicon chopper. Rubicon level notes. Rubicon loading picture 2. Rubicon loading picture 1. Note from Fredrik Kahl.