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Tell us something about yourself.
Mathieu Faes, born in Kortrijk, Belgium on 1974-02-15. I'm living in a huuuuuge house with five mates in Gent, Belgium, which is awesome. :D Main interests are retro-gaming (C64, MAME and Snes), soccer, alternative music and spending time with my friends and girlfriend.

What handle(s) did you use and how did you come up with it/them?
Matt, I never had any other handle. My real name is Mathieu so it was pretty obvious to chose Matt as my handle then.

What group(s) were you in?
De Luxe Edition, Exotic Design, Akrak and Warriors of the Wasteland.

What roles have you fulfilled?
I did some graphics when I had the courage, mega-swapping and cover designing but my main task was co-editing our diskmag Internal.

How long were you active for?
From 1988 to 1994.

Tell us about those years and how you got into the scene in the first place.
Well I got involved in the scene by getting some disks from my cousin which contained some cracks and the diskmag Sex'n'Crime from Amok. Apperently Sex'n'Crime got my attention and I started writing to the addresses shown in that particular issue. Overall, I had a brilliant time those years, especially during the WOW years. WOW was like a big family where we all loved each other in some way. :) I've spent a lot of fantastic years with them bastards!

Describe a typical day for you in front of the computer.
Getting up, copying, copying, editing Internal, watching demos, copying, reading diskmags, copying, counting votesheets, copying, watching demos again, bedtime. :)

Did you personally invent any special techniques or tools to make things easier for you?
No, I didn't know shit about programming and all that. :(

When you look at what you did back then, what are you most proud of?
Spending quality time with my friends in WOW!

Who were your heroes on the scene and why?
Belgium wasn't a big C64 country and all that, but my favourite group and cracker was from there (without even knowing that for quite some time): Powerplant of Legend. In a way I was a fan of him. :)

What, for you, was the coolest thing ever invented on the C64?
I was pretty impressed when Black Mail came up with the FLI graphics routine. Also, Fast Hack'em was a present from the sky for a copy-slave like myself.

Did you go to any copy-parties, meetings or tradeshows?
Yeah! We had a WOW meeting every two months. Besides that, I visited the Silicon Party in Utrecht/Holland twice together with my WOW mates. Oh, the memories! :)

In your opinion, what was the scene all about?
Excitement! Cracking games, innovating demos, making war between sceners or groups (remember the FAO, FAE etc.?).

What were the particular highlights for you?
The co-op between Ikari and Talent. That's Design by Crazy with the fantastic graphics by Gotcha. The never-ending wars between Exory and the rest of the scene. Is Omg/Amok and Antichrist/G*P the same person? Hahahahaa! Like mentioned before, for me, the Silicon Party in Utrecht rocked big time! When it comes to games: I was blown away by Ghouls'n'Ghosts and Myth. Still my two favourite C64 games! But overall, I was mostly impressed by the SID chip (and of course the people who composed those luuuvely tunes!).

Any cool stories to share with us?
Yeah, I got caught by both the cops and the post office for cheating stamps. As a swapper, stamps became very expensive, so who didn't cheat stamps back in the days? I had to go to the police office in Gent, and all in all everything went OK (but I never found out how they got my name and address). I said that I had nothing to do with it, and all they replied was "OK". I guess I was lucky that day!

Are you still in contact with any old C64 people today?
Well there's a lot of cool people hanging around at the Lemon 64 forum and at the CSDB site. A lot of ex-sceners out there! Get yer arse over there!

When did you get your C64 and do you still have it lying around somewhere?
I got it in 1988, and yes, the dusty old machine is standing right here next to me, still in good shape (fingers crossed).

Was the C64 really as special as we like to think it was?
Of course! It dominated my life for more than ten years!

When can we expect to see some new C64 output from you? :)
Erm, I wouldn't really wait for that to happen but apparently there's still quite some people and demogroups out there making stuff for the C64 on a regular basis. My deepest respect go out to them! Thumbs up!

Do you have a message for your old contacts and/or anyone reading this?
Well I wonder if it's still okay to kill a commie for mommie? Ermm...

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