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» April 26th, 2018 - Five new inlays feat. Outrun [US]
Hey! Here are five amazing inlay scans that has been enhanced for your entertainment. And here they are: Aaargh! Condor, The Great Giana Sisters, Outrun [US], Project: Space Station and Redhawk. Enjoy this beautiful art!

» April 24th, 2018 - BHF/Hoaxers passes away
This just turned out to be a sad day for us here at C64.COM as we just recieved the news that our friend BHF/Hoaxers has passed away. He was a fun-loving, always happy, always nice to be around, and a huge fan of the C64. He will be missed.

» April 17th, 2018 - X-2018 now open for registration
The greatest C64 party, X-2018, is now open for registration. Go register and enjoy a weekend of friendship and great C64 productions. Register here »

» February 25th, 2018 - Game Art Beyond by Bliss released
Bliss has produced this really awesome new production called Game Art Beyond. Take a look at the images, ladies and gentlemen. They were ported to and drawn in a format called NUFLI. The format makes it possible for you to draw an image on the C64 and make it look like it was done on the Amiga! The images are perfectly displayed on a real C64 without flicker, extra hardware and stuff like that, which also means that all this could have been done in 1982, if only someone would have invented it back then. NUFLI is a format that's been around for a while, but accompanied with the great remixes of the original soundtracks, everyone at C64.COM agrees that Bliss has taken things to a new level with this release. Do yourself a favour and download the ZIP and enjoy the production in your emulator or perferably on the C64! Get it here »

» February 21st, 2018 - Five new inlay scans
Hey! We got five amazing inlay scans that has been enhanced for your entertainment. And here they are: Bulldog, The Heist, Led Storm, Rigel's Revenge and Shoot Out. Enjoy!

» February 15th, 2018 - 10 new games feat. Outrun [US]
We're back with 10 new games for you to enjoy: 720 Degrees [US], Aussie Games, Bangers and Mash, Chinese Juggler, Highnoon, Mr Wimpy, Outrun [US], Shoot Out, Stunt Bike and Tank. We really have to make sure that we have all Ocean Software games on the site, and so that's why you see lots of Ocean games in this update. But if you want to know what games we like the best out of the bunch, then it's the US versions of Outrun and 720 Degrees. In 720 Degrees, the ramp event is really well executed and lots of fun to play. The over all game play and look is better than the U.S. Gold version. Same with Outrun. It's the same game that most have played, but this version has scenes and graphics slapped onto it to try to capture the original arcade feel better. And it works! A little note on Aussie Games: There's no PAL version available and so the only working version we found was one of the NTSC releases. If you play the game in an emulator, please switch to NTSC first and the game will run smoothly. Enjoy the games here »

» January 21st, 2018 - Bob Wakelin passes away
Today we were struck by the news that our friend and illustrator Bob Wakelin has passed away. We're absolutely devastated and send out condolences to his wife and his daughters.

» January 18th, 2018 - Game Talk with Mihaly Kenczler
Mihaly Kenczler was employed at Hungarian power house Novotrade, and worked on Impossible Mission II and Express Raider. Read about the development of these two games plus more from his short career with the C64. "[I] had to work for money rather than just fun. That was the logistics appeal of Hungary for Western firms: they could hire university-educated people for the sort of money that in their own country would only buy a wet-behind-the-ears high schooler." Read the interview here »

» January 2nd, 2018 - 6581's cover of The Last Ninja II (Central Park Theme) now available in FLAC format
In 2008, 6581 played a cover version of The Last Ninja II (Central Park Theme) live on stage in Stockholm. Once a year, a high quality version of the track was requested by fans, and it has now finally been uploaded. Check out the track and download the FLAC! Go to SoundCloud »

» January 1st, 2018 - Game Talk with David Crane
Did you have a nice New Year's Eve? Are you hung over or did you go easy on the refreshments? In any case, the best way to start the year is to read an interview with an industry legend. David Crane is the guy who developed games like Pitfall, Ghostbusters and Little Computer People. He also co-founded Activision. Here's an excerpt of the bit on the creation of Ghostbusters: "Ghostbusters was of course inspired by the movie. But in order to create that game in time to take advantage of the film's success, I had to redesign another game that was already half-finished. I was working on a game called Car Wars, in which you equipped your car with weapons and drove around shooting at other cars, so I changed the weapons to traps and a ghost vacuum, and the car drove around sucking up ghosts." Read the rest here »

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6581 - The Last Ninja 2 - Back in Time Live Stockholm 2008
6581 feat. Fred Gray - Mutants - Back in Time Live Stockholm 2008
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