Michael Johansson (Jordan of Antic)
Takes care of the physical machine and makes sure it works properly.

Mikael 'Snoddas' Johansson (Icon of The Silents and Remember)
Is focusing on scanning inlays and instructions from his vast software collection.

Andry Joos (Unlock of Padua)
Is responsible for all the PHP/MySQL work on the site.

Mason (Mason of Unicess and Motiv8)
Work as a researcher and finder of C64 disks, which he's already done for very many years.

Commodore Popeye
Is focusing on games and text adventures in particular.

Terry Stickland
Is proffreading proofreading any text that hits the site.

Sean Strobl
Is a Photoshop wizard who focus on retouching scans that we put on the site.

Timothy 'T-Bone' West
Is in charge of the games section, making sure everything is working as it should.

Other credits
Andreas Wallström focused on interviews, demos and transferring disks. Ville Nurmi, a veteran member of the team, focused on the games section, site development and quality control. Johan Åstrand, who left in June 2006, added a massive 1,000 demos to the site. Joachim Ljunggren, a.k.a. The Sarge of Triad, designed the gorgeous header you can see at the top. Alistair Bowness has furnished us with a bunch of reviews. The fish was extracted from International Karate+ by Archer Maclean. Thanks also go to Jucke (radio shows), Mat Allen (reviews), Matthew Scott (inlays), Roger Frames (reviews) and Warren Pilkington (articles).

Hardware and software have been kindly donated by: Alexander Theodossiadis, Aaron Stauffer, Aze of The Vikings, Chris Cassidy, Conny Ibstedt, Daniel Fogelberg, Darren Melbourne, Dave Moore, Fredrik Erlingsson, Gabriel Holland, Goblin of Light, Hellraiser of Paragon, Henning Nølke, Jeff Lawlor, Joachim Ljunggren, John Lundberg, Joseph Kroupa, Mark Dubbin, Matt Swann, Mike Coates, Rahel Azad, Stranger, Timothy Miller and Tom Pendley. Thanks to all of you!

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