The Star Wars Demo
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  Projectleader: Morpheus  
  Creative direction: Creeper  
  Creative direction: Morpheus  
  Programming: Bob  
  Programming: Edhellon  
  Programming: Epsilon  
  Programming: Lavazza  
  Programming: Magnar  
  Programming: Oswald  
  Programming: Swallow  
  Graphics: Creeper  
  Graphics: Jon Egg  
  Graphics: Morpheus  
  Graphics: The Sarge  
  Graphics: Soya  
  Music: LMan  
  Music: Magnar  
  Sound effects: LMan  
  Idea: Creeper  
  Linking: Bob  
  Linking: Edhellon  
  Linking: Lavazza  
  Linking: Swallow  
  Loader: Bitbreaker  
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