© 1989 Red-Line 2000 (RL2)
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  Programming: Chip  
  Programming: Guts  
  Programming: Howard the Duck  
  Programming: Iron  
  Programming: Mr. Chain  
  Graphics: Bob  
  Graphics: Bob Stevenson  
  Graphics: Chip  
  Graphics: Guts  
  Graphics: Howard the Duck  
  Graphics: Mark Jones  
  Graphics: Mr. Chain  
  Graphics: Starray  
  Graphics: The Crusader  
  Graphics: Various uncredited  
  Graphics: Wraith  
  Music: 20CC  
  Music: Charles Deenen  
  Music: Chris Hülsbeck  
  Music: Jeroen Tel  
  Music: Laxity  
  Music: Marcus Schneider  
  Music: Martin Walker  
  Music: Matt Gray  
  Music: Sharon Soundworks  
  Music: Two uncredited  
  Ripping: Howard the Duck  
  Ripping: Mr. Chain  
  Ripping: Sonny  
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