Thrombokinase 2
© 1987 Psymon
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  Programming: Psymon  
  Graphics: from Star Paws  
  Graphics: Psymon  
  Graphics: Stavros Fasoulas  
  Music: Rob Hubbard  
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Psymon: Programming became fun from this demo onwards. I found out how to do spit screens and single pixel raster interrupts without glitches. Sitting at my desk in Albert Road, Benfleet Essex I could speak to the world.

Psymon: Oh yes the hidden demo. Not many people found that. I hinted at the hidden demo in the scrolltext where a big arrow scrolls past. I wrote the intro to the Data Department scroller and hack screen The scrolling message could only have 256 Characters in it. Reason was SKN wanted the demo to run in 4k. Simple enough to do but didn't have much scope for long text...

Psymon: Wrote the demo basically because Ian and Mic said my demos were boring bitmaps and scrolling messages... The demo has a hires band of graphics in it as in the mountains in the background. The stars above are char graphics.

Morpheus: Hit the back arrow key (top left on keyboard) for the hidden part.

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    Thrombokinase 2
Psymon 1987
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