Trick and Treat
© 2012 Offence (OFF), Fairlight (FLT) and Prosonix
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  Design: Louie64  
  Design: Pal  
  Design: Pantaloon  
  Programming: Bjørn Røstøen  
  Programming: Killsquad  
  Programming: Kribust  
  Programming: Pantaloon  
  Programming: Perplex  
  Programming: Stein Pedersen  
  Programming: Zaphod  
  Graphics: Kribust  
  Graphics: Louie64  
  Graphics: Pal  
  Music: Groms  
  Music: Kribust  
  Music: Ole Marius Pettersen  
  Music: Stein Pedersen  
  Help: Puterman  
  Linking: Pantaloon  
  Loader: Krill  
  Scrolltext: Bjørn Røstøen  
  Scrolltext: Pal  
  Scrolltext: Stein Pedersen  
  Testing: Lemming  
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