A Load of Old Shit
© 1990 Horizon (HZ)
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  Programming: Bagder  
  Programming: Boogaloo  
  Programming: Exilon  
  Programming: Judge  
  Programming: Kjer  
  Programming: Mastermind  
  Programming: Pernod  
  Graphics: Boogaloo  
  Graphics: Goblin  
  Graphics: Judge  
  Graphics: Pernod  
  Graphics: Runway  
  Graphics: Zagor  
  Music: One uncredited  
  Music: Skyline Technics  
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Blade: Perhaps my alltime favorite. This demo got me hooked as a kid. I still watch it now and then and I just love it. Boogaloo┬┤s music is too good.

anonym/padua: Cool!

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