A Lot of Coke
© 1989 Shine
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  Programming: Beastian  
  Programming: Codex  
  Programming: Dark Lord  
  Programming: Gruwl  
  Programming: Prizma  
  Programming: Slayer  
  Programming: Slaygon  
  Programming: Space Ace  
  Graphics: Beastian  
  Graphics: Codex  
  Graphics: Core  
  Graphics: Dark Lord  
  Graphics: Kaiser  
  Graphics: Morpheus  
  Graphics: Redstar  
  Graphics: Slaygon  
  Graphics: Space Ace  
  Graphics: Spacie  
  Music: FAME  
  Music: JCH  
  Music: Maniacs of Noise  
  Music: Markus Schneider  
  Music: Slaygon  
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