© 1989 Zone 45 (Z45)
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  Programming: Cult 73  
  Programming: Matrix  
  Programming: Pharynx  
  Programming: Prizma  
  Programming: The.Fox  
  Graphics: Blazer  
  Graphics: Cult 73  
  Graphics: Dwarf  
  Graphics: Flex  
  Graphics: Matrix  
  Graphics: Morpheus  
  Graphics: Pharynx  
  Graphics: Redstar  
  Graphics: Shogun  
  Graphics: The.Fox  
  Graphics: Triad  
  Graphics: Various uncredited  
  Graphics: The Wizard Studios  
  Music: 20CC  
  Music: Danko  
  Music: David Hanlon  
  Music: Galleon  
  Music: Mixer  
  Music: Various uncredited  
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