Sidburners 2
© 1995 Nostalgia (N0S)
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  Programming: Zyron  
  Graphics: Creeper  
  Music: Ben Daglish  
  Music: Chris Hülsbeck  
  Music: David Bishop  
  Music: David Dunn  
  Music: David Hanlon  
  Music: David Whittaker  
  Music: James Lisney  
  Music: Jason C. Brooke  
  Music: John A. Fitzpatrick  
  Music: Jonathan Dunn  
  Music: Mark Alphingwood  
  Music: Martin Galway  
  Music: Paul Norman  
  Music: Peter Clarke  
  Music: Red  
  Music: Rob Hubbard  
  Music: Stephen C. Biggs  
  Music: Steve Barrett  
  Music: Steve Turner  
  Music: Tim Follin  
  Music: Tim Martin  
  Music: Various uncredited  
  Music: Wally Beben  
  Ripping: Zyron  
  Relocating: Zyron  
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