Dungeon Warriors
© 1995 CP-Verlag
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Inspiration courtesy of: Jan Schrader
Inspiration courtesy of: Jeff Bruette
Inspiration courtesy of: Midway
Programming: Victor Brønstad
Graphics: Kurt Flinster
Music: Glenn Rune Gallefoss
Music: Kjell Nordbø
Music: Kristian Røstøen
Genre: Arcade

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Direct link: www.c64.com/games/937.

It got the total rating of 8.5 points from the viewers. "If you like Wizard of war you will love this one! Get a good Friend and start the 2 Player pearl most people never get their Hands on! But beware you will run low on Power if you dont shoot the Nastys in this Game!! Nice Arcade Action!" says Highchecker1999.

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