The 4th Protocol
© 1985 Hutchinson Computer Publishing
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Subtitle: The Game
Development: The Electronic Pencil Company
Based on the novel by: Frederik Forsyth
Design: Gordon Paterson
Design: John Lambshead
Programming: Benni Notarianni
Programming: Rupert Bowater
Add programming: John Gibbons
Add programming: Paul Norris
Icon system: Benni Notarianni
Icon system: Rupert Bowater
Graphics: Benni Notarianni
Graphics: Rupert Bowater
Music: David Dunn
Illustrations: Harry Willock
Manufaction: Cosprint
Re-released by: Ariolasoft
Package design: Raymond Hawkey
Contract negotiations: Jacqui Lyon
Genre: Adventure

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It got the total rating of 6.5 points from the viewers. "A great adventure game if you have a confident head on your shoulders. Very very difficult and frustrating at times, but the icon driven gameplay draws you into this unforgiving world of espionage..." says Mataeus.

  The 4th Protocol
Hutchinson Computer Publishing 1985
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