Frankie Goes to Hollywood
© 1985 Ocean Software
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Game design: Denton Designs
Game design: Ocean Software
Programming: Dave Colclough
Programming: Graham Everitt
Graphics: Karen Davies
Titlescreen: Karen Davies
Music: Fred Gray
Thanks to: Bill Barna
Cover illustration: Bob Wakelin
Cover illustration: W. Steve Blower
Cover artwork: Bob Wakelin
Package design: W. Steve Blower
Producer: David C. Ward
Genre: Adventure

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Download: Frankie_Goes_To_Hollywood.sid

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It got the total rating of 8 points from the viewers. "an unbelievably diverse adventure, seeing you doing everything from solving a murder to conducting a spitting competition between Reagan and Gorbechov. Amazing and original." says Mataeus.

  WWF Wrestlemania
Ocean Software 1991
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