Times of Lore
© 1988 Origin
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Additional ideas: Alan Gardner
Additional ideas: Nick Elms
Additional ideas: Richard Garriott
Game design: Chris Roberts
Programming: Chris Roberts
Programming: Paul C. Isaac
Add programming: Chris Yates
Add programming: Ken Arnold
Add programming: Martin Galway
Graphics: Denis Loubet
Graphics: Uncredited
Music: Martin Galway
Map: Denise Therrien
Special thanks to: Unnamed individuals at Origin
Story: Bryan Roberts
Story: Chris Roberts
Story: Paul C. Isaac
Documentation: John Miles
Documentation: Todd Porter
Cover artwork: Denis Loubet
Playtesting: Chris Roberts
Playtesting: Dale Nichols
Playtesting: Dave Jaracz
Playtesting: Holly Ruggieri
Playtesting: Ian Manchester
Playtesting: Jean Tauscher
Playtesting: John Aslin
Playtesting: John Miles
Playtesting: Kirk Hutcheon
Playtesting: Laurel Treamer
Playtesting: Paul C. Isaac
Playtesting: Tim Beaudoin
Playtesting: Todd Porter
Packaging: Denis Loubet
Packaging: Denise Therrien
Packaging: Doug Wike
Packaging: Lori Ogwulu
Director: Chris Roberts
Producer: Dallas Snell
Genre: Adventure

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Direct link: www.c64.com/games/1197.

It got the total rating of 8.5 points from the viewers. "A fantastic action-rpg that blurs the boundaries of 8 and 16 bit gaming. Brilliantly executed, loads to do: But it does run a little slowly at times. Galways music is, of course, superb and the intro is excellent!" says Mataeus.

  Times of Lore
Origin 1988
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