© 1987 Thalamus
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Written by: Stavros Fasoulas
Music: Rob Hubbard
Loader: John Twiddy
Testpilot: 'Clumsy' Colin
Artwork: David Rowe
Layout: Oliver Frey
Producer: Andrew Wright
Producer: Gary Liddon
Financial guidance: Franco Frey
Genre: Shoot'em up

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It got the total rating of 9.5 points from the viewers. "I salute thee, finest of all the space shooters out there. Thinking back to when we slugged it out together against the ruthless enemy sends a silent tear to the corner of my eye. You continued to captivate me with your brilliance and elegance, yet you craved for my total concentration or you would do terrible things to me. Still, together with you I have seen the most wonderful and frightening places of the universe. And I am ready to do it all over again, because I love you so much." says grantcorp.

Thalamus 1987
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