The Eidolon
© 1985 Lucasfilm
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Projectleader: Charlie Kellner
Conversion: Kevin Furry
Game design: Charlie Kellner
Programming: Charlie Kellner
Disk programming: Douglas Crockford
Graphic design: Gary Winnick
Add graphics: Kevin Furry
Animation: Gary Winnick
Music: Charlie Kellner
Music: David Levine
Sound effects: Douglas Crockford
Special thanks to: George Lucas
Storyboards: Gary Winnick
Released by: Activision
Released by: Epyx
Genre: Maze

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Download: Eidolon.sid

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It got the total rating of 7.5 points from the viewers. "Massive and impressive game. Good overall." says TWR.

  The Eidolon
Lucasfilm 1985
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Lucasfilm 1985
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