Test Drive 2
© 1989 Accolade
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Subtitle: The Duel
Development: Distinctive Software
Design: Amory Wong
Design: Don Mattrick
Programming: Hanno Lemke
Programming: Kevin Pickell
Programming: Kris Hatlelid
Graphics: Theresa Henry
Music: Kris Hatlelid
Genre: Racing

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Download: Test_Drive_2_The_Duel.sid

Direct link: www.c64.com/games/2053.

It got the total rating of 9 points from the viewers. "I must admit I haven't played it as much as I played the original Test Drive but it sure is a good game, even more complex, better looking and - to summarize - well-rounded. Deserves it's place in th hall of fame." says spavatch.

  Test Drive 2
Accolade 1989
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