The Games Summer Edition
© 1988 Epyx
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Programming: Carl Mey
Programming: Chuck Sommerville
Programming: Ed Chu
Programming: Kevin Furry
Programming: Kevin Norman
Programming: Peter Engelbrite
Programming: Scott Nelson
Graphics: Art Koch
Graphics: Matthew Sarconi
Graphics: Muffy McCosh
Graphics: Paul Vernon
Graphics: Sheryl Knowles
Graphics: Steve Snyder
Graphics: Suzie Greene
Music: Bob Vieira
Music: Chris Ebert
Music: Chris Grigg
Genre: Sports

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It got the total rating of 7.5 points from the viewers. "I miss those sport games from C64 when we were breaking and fixing joysticks over and over again. They were the best. This one is the greatest example." says markegiani.

  The Games Summer Edition
Epyx 1988
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