The Games Winter Edition
© 1988 Epyx
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Programming: Al Rubin
Programming: Carl Mey
Programming: Chuck Sommerville
Programming: Edward Chu
Programming: Edwin Reich
Programming: Eric Knopp
Programming: Fuzzy Furry
Programming: Kevin Norman
Programming: Scott Nelson
Graphics: Jenny Martin
Graphics: Matthew Sarconi
Graphics: Muffy McCosh
Graphics: Paul Vernon
Graphics: Sheryl Knowles
Graphics: Steve Snyder
Graphics: Suzie Greene
Music: Chris Ebert
Music: Chris Grigg
Special thank to: Cathy Gage
Special thank to: Chris Cabral
Genre: Sports

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It got the total rating of 8 points from the viewers. "A good winter sports game but no way near as good as Winter Games." says TWR.

  The Games Winter Edition
Epyx 1988
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