Alternative World Games
© 1987 Gremlin Graphics
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Development: Novotrade
Programming: Antal Zolnai
Programming: Attila Korisanszki
Programming: Gábor Pongyor
Programming: Gyula Hodi
Concept: Ian Stewart
Concept: Tamas Revbiro
Graphics: Attila Horvath
Graphics: Janos Zana
Music: Ben Daglish
Genre: Sports

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It got the total rating of 10 points from the viewers. "Truly desrving of a ten all-round, and the greatest thing Gremlin Graphics ever made. Fantastic animations with hundreds of sprites, large, colourful graphics, great music, original events and sublime game play mechanics make playing this even better than the official Epyx Games series! Get this now, learn the individual controls for each event and get playing. Great stuff." says Mataeus.

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