© 1985 Firebird
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By: David Braben
By: Ian Bell
Programming: BT
Titlescreen: Uncredited
Music: Aidan Bell
Music: David Dunn
Elite trademark: Acornsoft
Firebird trademark: British Telecommunications
Add copyright: Acornsoft
Genre: Simulator

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Direct link: www.c64.com/games/576.

It got the total rating of 9 points from the viewers. "Quite possibly the best game for the platform, and one that I spent countless hours immersed in. An incredible achievement for the hardware. The open structure gives it tremendous replayability. The modern successor, Elite Dangerous, is simply magnificent (particularly in VR!), but I still come back to the original from time to time to get a bit of nostalgia. Never would've thought in 1986 that I'd be back at Lave docking at the coriolis station in 2018!" says Datan0de.

Firebird 1985
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