Flimbo's Quest
© 1990 System 3
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Design: Arthur van Jole
Programming: Laurens van der Donk
Concept: Laurens van der Donk
Demo concept: Dave Hogendorf
Demo concept: Patrick Witteman
Demo programming: Dave Hogendorf
Demo programming: Patrick Witteman
Graphics: Arthur van Jole
Add graphics: Jacco van T Riet
Music: Johannes Bjerregaard
Music: Reyn Ouwehand
Genre: Platform

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Download: Flimbos_Quest.sid

Direct link: www.c64.com/games/2040.

It got the total rating of 9.5 points from the viewers. "One of the best platformers on C64. Shame they don't make them like they use too ...." says markegiani.

  Flimbo's Quest
System 3 1990
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Thalamus 1988
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