Demon Stalkers
© 1987 Electronic Arts
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Subtitle: The Raid on Doomfane
Development: Micro Forté
Design: Micro Forté
Programming: Micro Forté
Graphics: Uncredited
Graphics director: Nancy L. Fong
Titlescreen: Stephen Lewis
Music: Uncredited
Doomfane: Micro Forté
Doomfane: Sara Reeder
Test manager: Michael Isgur
Package design: William Gin
Producer: David Grady
Associate Producer: Jeff Johannigman
Ass producer: Mike Kawahara
Product management: Kelly Flock
Photography: Robin Ford
Screenshots: Jeff Reinking
Package illustrations: Mitchell Heinze
Genre: Runaround

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It got the total rating of 8 points from the viewers. "Its one of the best multiplayer Gauntlet Style Games! Better than the conversion of Gauntlet but weaker than Druid! Get your best friend and give this unknown Game a try!" says Highchecker1999.

  Demon Stalkers
Electronic Arts 1987
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