Caveman Ugh-Lympics
© 1986 Electronic Arts
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Production: Dynamix
Design: Greg Johnson
Programming: Darek Lukaszuk
Programming: Jon Leupp
Programming: Richard Rayl Jr.
Art Direction: Nancy Fong
Graphics: Brian Hahn
Graphics: Darek Lukaszuk
Graphics: Greg Johnson
Music: Alan McKean
Sound effects: Bryce Morsello
Special thanks to: David Grady
Special thanks to: Paul Reiche III
Special thanks to: Richard Hicks
Documentation: Zina Yee
Package design: Woolward, Dickson & Company
Director: Jeff Tunnell
Producer: Don Traeger
Product management: Don Transeth
Product management: Francine Huss Schneider
Photography: Mathias van Hesemans
Screenshots: Frank Wing
Package illustrations: Phil Frank
Genre: Sports

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Download: Caveman_Ugh-Lympics.sid

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It got the total rating of 8 points from the viewers. "Massive good looking game indeed but nothing to wet your pants over." says TWR.

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Electronic Arts 1986
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