Skærmtrolden Hugo
© 1991 Silverrock Productions
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Production: Ester Grønbech Jørgensen
Production: Ivan Sølvason
Production: Jesper Nisted
Programming: Thomas Villadsen
Programming: Uffe Jakobsen
Graphics: Lars Krogh Mortensen
Graphics: Niels Krogh Mortensen
Music: George Keller
Music: Jens-Christian Huus
Voice samples: Michael Brochdorf
Thanks to: Anders Wraae
Thanks to: Henriette Syndberg
Thanks to: Henrik Brinch
Thanks to: John Tony Jensen
Thanks to: Lars Wettendorf Nielsen
Thanks to: Morten Hartvich
Thanks to: Peter Colmorten
Thanks to: Preben Muller 'Prebber'
Thanks to: Rune 'Promax'
Thanks to: Søren Grønbech
Thanks to: Ulrik Larsen
Lyrics: Michael Brochdorf
Genre: Maze

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It got the total rating of 1 points from the viewers. "vice cant even read the disk image" says Bo Herrmannsen.

  Skærmtrolden Hugo
Silverrock Productions 1991
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