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Development: Masters' Design Group
Production: Micro-Partner
Idea: Christoph Kabelitz
Idea: Oliver Stiller
Programming: Oliver Stiller
Concept: Christoph Kabelitz
Concept: Oliver Stiller
Graphics: Christoph Kabelitz
Graphics: Oliver Stiller
Graphics: Thomas Heinrich
Titlescreen: Michael Detert
Titlescreen: The Picturesque Art
Music: Christoph Kabelitz
Music: Markus Schneider
Add music: Charles Deenen
Music player: Oliver Blasnik
Sound effects: Christoph Kabelitz
Thanks to: Digital Marketing
Thanks to: Lords of Sonics
Thanks to: Markus Wiederstein
Thanks to: X-Ample Architectures
Genre: Action

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Download: Domination.sid

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It got the total rating of 8.5 points from the viewers. "I loved it." says Matze.

Magic Bytes 1989
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