Castle Master
© 1990 Domark
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Development: Incentive Software
Design: Ian Andrew
Programming: Chris Andrew
Programming: Paul Gregory
Programming: Sean Ellis
Concept: Ian Andrew
Assistance: Domark
Graphics: Mike Salmon
Graphics: Team 7
Music: Matt Furniss
Music: Teque Software Development
Contribution: André
Contribution: Andy Tait
Contribution: Anita Bradley
Contribution: Domark
Contribution: Helen Andrew
Contribution: Kev
Contribution: Mary Moy
Contribution: Paul
Contribution: Ursula Taylor
Story: Mel Croucher
Cover artwork: David Wyatt
Trademark: Incentive Software
Typography: Starlight Graphics
Copyright: New Dimension International Ltd.
Genre: Adventure

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It got the total rating of 8 points from the viewers. "As I remember one of my favourite games at the time, and if my memory serves me right one of the first to use 3D, and to great effect for a game of it's time. I look forward to playing it again, thank you." says Allan Watkins.

  Castle Master
Domark 1990
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