Ghostbusters 2
© 1989 Activision
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Development: Foursfield
Programming: Paul Baker
Graphics: Steve Green
Music: David Whittaker
Script: Ann Ufnowski
Executive director: Stefan Ufnowski
Producer: Saul Marchese
NTSC technician: Nick Pelling
Assisant technician: Colin Reed
Negative cutting: Software Studios
Hair stylist: Nick Dawson
Makeup artist: Neil Jackson
Props: Dave
Props: Nick
Props: Terry
Scenery: Dave
Scenery: Nick
Scenery: Terry
Copyright: Columbia Pictures
Genre: Shoot'em up

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It got the total rating of 5.5 points from the viewers. "Part one of the game ist boring, part 2 very boring, part 3 extremly boring..." says Shmendric.

  Ghostbusters 2
Activision 1989
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