Kings of the Beach
© 1988 Electronic Arts
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Subtitle: Professional Beach Volleyball
Commodore 64 version: Eric Hammond
Commodore 64 version: Michael Abbot
Commodore 64 version: Nana Chambers
Design: Michael Abbot
Design: Nana Chambers
Design: Randy Stoklos
Design: Sinjin Smith
Programming: Michael Abbot
Programming: Nana Chambers
Assistance: Eric Wels
Graphics: Michael Kosaka
Graphics: Michael Lubuguin
Graphics director: Nancy Fong
Music: Rob Hubbard
Package design: Belew Design
Package design: Renee Sullivan
Management: Don Transeth
Management: Francine Huss Schneider
Producer: Don Traeger
Photography: David Madison
Genre: Sports

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Download: Kings_of_the_Beach_ingame.sid

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  Kings of the Beach
Electronic Arts 1988
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