Rape an Ape!
© 2008 Bizarre Wound
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Design: Jacob Buczynski
Programming: Chris Yates
Add programming: Richard Bayliss
Graphics: Jacob Buczynski
Add graphics: One uncredited
Music: Johan ├ůstrand
Music: Richard Bayliss
Sound effects: Jacob Buczynski
Enhancements: Richard Bayliss
Note: Created with Shoot'Em Up Construction Kit
Genre: Action

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Download: Happy_Sunday.sid
Download: Soggy_Pants.sid

Direct link: www.c64.com/games/2084.

It got the total rating of 5.5 points from the viewers. "How the hell did this get on here!? An abysmal game, not because of the actual gameplay which is okay but because of the subject matter... I mean, c'mon!" says Mataeus.

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