© 1990 Virgin Mastertronic
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Also known as: Overlord
Developed by: Probe Software
Production: Julie Snell
Production: Rose Dalton
Programming: Nick Jones
Design support: David Bishop
Design support: Ian Mathias
Design support: Jo Bonar
Design support: John Martin
Concept: Dave Perry
Concept: Nick Bruty
Presented by: Melbourne House
Protection: Ian Denny
Protection: John Twiddy
Protection: Nick Jones
Graphics: Hugh Riley
Music: Jeroen Tel
Music: The Sonic Circle
Instructions: Graeme Kidd
Quality assurance: David Bishop
Gametesting: Andrew Wright
Gametesting: Steve Clark
Gametesting: Terry Haynes
Packaging: Dermot Power
Packaging: Khartomb
Director: Fergus McGovern
Genre: Strategy

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Download: Supremacy.sid

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It got the total rating of 9.5 points from the viewers. "Fantastic intro song and nice graphics for this genre, well done \"probe software\"!" says crony.

Virgin Mastertronic 1990
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