The Temple of Apshai
© 1983 Epyx
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Game design: Jon Freeman
Programming: Uncredited
Graphics: Uncredited
Music: Uncredited
Levels: Jeffrey A. Johnson
Playtesting: Barbara Bealer
Playtesting: Bob Cooley
Playtesting: David Hwu
Playtesting: Elizabeth Sabado
Playtesting: Gene Rice
Playtesting: Jeff Frankenfield
Playtesting: Jon Freeman
Playtesting: Joyce Lane
Playtesting: Mike Dutton
Playtesting: Mike Frankenfield
Playtesting: Richard Bretschneider
Playtesting: Rik Wilson
Playtesting: Rob Jaquith
Playtesting: Ted Arkin
Playtesting: Terry Jue
Playtesting: Tony Sabado
Playtesting: Vaso Medigovich
Playtesting: Wayne Russell
Artwork: Karen Gerving
Layout: Two Hands Advertising
Typesetting: Reeder Type
Typesetting: Scribner Graphic Press
Texts: Jeffrey A. Johnson
Printed by: Scribner Graphic Press
Introduction: Jon Freeman
Rules of play: Joyce Lane
Editor: Joyce Lane
Editor: Susan W. Lee-Merrow
Genre: Roleplaying game

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  The Temple of Apshai
Epyx 1983
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