Heroes of the Lance
© 1989 SSI
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Development: U.S. Gold
Programming: Ben Daglish
Programming: Greg Duddle
Programming: Jason Heggie
Programming: Jez Nelson
Programming: Mr. Micro
Programming: Rob Nicholson
Programming: Simon Dunston
Graphics: James McDermott
Music: Ben Daglish
UK project manager: Mike Wilding
US project manager: Bret Berry
Add copyright: Tactical Studies Rules
Genre: Adventure

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Download: Heroes_Of_The_Lance.sid

Direct link: www.c64.com/games/421.

It got the total rating of 5.5 points from the viewers. "This game is not that great but it holds stacks of nostalgic value for me. It was the first game my mum bought me for my birthday. I was dissapointed to discover the C64 graphics were not as good as the ones (Atari ST or Amiga) on the back of the box, but I made myself like it despite the fact it's a pretty average game. :-)" says Vic.

  Heroes of the Lance
SSI 1989
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