Nemesis the Warlock
© 1987 Martech
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Programming: Michael Archer
Concept: Creative Reality
Concept: Dave Dew
Concept: Jas Austin
Concept: Michael Archer
Graphics: Dave Dew
Music: Rob Hubbard
Add copyright: IPC Magazine
Copyright: Software Communications
Genre: Beat'em up

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It got the total rating of 8 points from the viewers. "I stay in line with those who have postive memories with this game from childhood. Indeed music is dark, and gameplay kind of gory, but why the the heck they made it so difficult. It's almost insurmountable. Then and today I could only get to second level. More, with cheats I made to 8 or 9 lvl where I stuck waiting for a terminator to fly by my side... It's a pity also that music can't be played in-game. Still, it's definitely worth to make a go of the game." says Grzes.

  Nemesis the Warlock
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