Golden Axe
© 1990 Virgin Mastertronic
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Development: Probe Software
Programming: Mark Kelly
Graphics: Steve Crow
Music: Jeroen Tel
Sound effects: Charles Deenen
Thanks to: A Green
Thanks to: I Mathias
Copyright: Sega
Genre: Beat'em up

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It got the total rating of 8 points from the viewers. "Its another nice conversion from probe...the only Thing that misses is the awsome Arcade 2Player Mode!! But i believe probe makes this as a compromise with the graphics and game speed of the old c64! One of the best beat em ups on the old Commodore 64! Be sure to check all other conversions of Probe..Mr.Heli or Smash TV..and others..awsome Games!!!" says Highchecker1999.

  Golden Axe
Virgin Mastertronic 1990
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