Castle Master
© 1990 Domark
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Development: Incentive Software
Design: Ian Andrew
Programming: Chris Andrew
Programming: Paul Gregory
Programming: Sean Ellis
Concept: Ian Andrew
Assistance: Domark
Graphics: Mike Salmon
Graphics: Team 7
Music: Matt Furniss
Music: Teque Software Development
Contribution: André
Contribution: Andy Tait
Contribution: Anita Bradley
Contribution: Domark
Contribution: Helen Andrew
Contribution: Kev
Contribution: Mary Moy
Contribution: Paul
Contribution: Ursula Taylor
Story: Mel Croucher
Cover artwork: David Wyatt
Trademark: Incentive Software
Typography: Starlight Graphics
Copyright: New Dimension International Ltd.
Genre: Adventure

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Download: Castle_Master.sid

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It got the total rating of 8 points from the viewers. "so much better on an emulator where you can actually get the Freescape 3D engine to run at something approaching fast! Excellent advenutre, also try Driller, CM2, Sphinx Jinx" says Mataeus.

  Castle Master
Domark 1990
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