Fist 2
© 1986 Melbourne House
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Subtitle: The Legend Continues
Development: Beam Software
Design: Gregg Barnett
Programming: Gregg Barnett
Add programming: Bruce Bayley
Add programming: Nigel Spencer
Add programming: Trevor Nuridan
Level design: Bruce Bayley
Level design: Nigel Spencer
Level design: Trevor Nuridin
Graphics: Greg Holland
Graphics: Russel Comte
Music: Neil Brennan
Sound effects: Bruce Bayley
Utilities by: David Johnston
Utilities by: Nigel Spencer
Genre: Beat'em up

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Download: Fist_II-Legend_Continues.sid

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It got the total rating of 8 points from the viewers. "Sheer excellence I must say. A combination of fighting and a little bit adventure makes it fun for hours and hours !!! You gotta' try this one !!!" says TWR.

  Fist 2
Melbourne House 1986
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