Koronis Rift
© 1985 Lucasfilm
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Projectleader: Noah Falstein
Created by: Lucasfilm Games Division
Design: Noah Falstein
Programming: Aric Wilmunder
Programming: Loren Carpenter
Add programming: Charlie Kellner
Add programming: Ron Gilbert
Concept: Noah Falstein
Graphics: Gary Winnick
Graphics: Tom Wahl
Support: David Fox
Support: Mary Paterno
Support: Steve Arnold
Support: Terry Hoff
Special thanks to: George Lucas
Documentation: Noah Falstein
Storyboards: Gary Winnick
Trademark: Activision
Trademark: Lucasfilm Games
Genre: Simulator

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Download: Koronis_Rift.sid

Direct link: www.c64.com/games/1333.

  Koronis Rift
Lucasfilm 1985
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SSI 1990
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