Impossible Mission 2
© 1988 Epyx
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Development: Novotrade
Programming: Zoltan Kanizsai
Programming: Ferenc Ruzsa
Programming: Istvan Bodnar
Programming: Istvan Cseri
Programming: Jozsef Szentesi
Graphics: Zoltan Toth (Sultan)
Original music: Chris Grigg
Manufaction: U.S. Gold
Distribution: U.S. Gold
Music arrangement: Gábor Pongyor
Music arrangement: Tamas Revbiro
Music programming: Gábor Pongyor
Music programming: Tamas Revbiro
Genre: Platform

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It got the total rating of 9 points from the viewers. "Haven't noticed the difference between this game and the prequel. Maybe this one is a little bit better. All-rounder ...." says markegiani.

  Impossible Mission 2
Epyx 1988
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Ariolasoft 1985
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